The World's Premiere Time Travel Service

Have you ever wanted to visit another time period? With Quantum Tours Americana you can imagine the past as a vibrant reality and satisfy your curiosity about the future. Tourguide Nick Vallance weaves together interviews from throughout time with details from a state-of-the-art AI program to create let you escape the constraints of linear time. These interactive tours explore the unknown frontiers and rich histories of the multiverse.

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How it Works:

  • Access specialized audio tracks through the Quantum Tours app.
  • Don't have a smartphone? Download mp3s below to put on any audio device, and print your own map to bring along.
  • Bring your device to one of the tour locations and find the exact point depicted in the instructions.
  • Press play to begin you trip to another time.
Now serving Ballston!


Prehistoric Trek

14,122 BCE

Go back to the wild forests of Arlington and learn about the mysterious plants and animals that inhabited the region.

Building Ballston


See the city in its infancy among lightly settled woodlands, its early inhabitants struggling to survive with only their wits and the natural resources of the land.

Electric Dawn


Experience the rush of the Industrial Revolution firsthand—the smells, noises, and activity of a new age—as railroads and electric trolleys dramatically expand the urban landscape of Ballston.

Presidential Encounters


Listen to stories about the casual visits President Woodrow Wilson paid to Arlington, and maybe even catch a glimpse of the POTUS himself. These charming vignettes paint a picture of life in the early Twentieth Century.

Fire Away


Watch as the volunteer firefighters of a young Arlington extinguish a blaze along a quiet main street. Take in the sights and sounds of the local storefronts and listen to memories of a simpler time.

Car Crazy


Hear the roar of the automobile revolution as Ballston paves the way to becoming a commuter city. Visit the landmark Bob Peck Chevrolet dealership and experience the birth of consumerism in the 1960’s and its space-age idealism.

Powering Progress


Find the answers to the energy crisis in near-future Ballston, and watch as the foundations of urbanism are rebuilt with no other options left. New energy options and impossible technologies are deployed to avoid sheer catastrophe.

Tomorrow's Metropolis


Visit the ultimate expression of the modern city: when energy and resources no longer limit the evolution of urban structure. How will people spend their time in this futuristic utopia? See for yourself in this trip to the far future.